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Murray Lawn Mowers

Dennis WaldenFeb 12, 2018

Murray lawn mowers are known for their durablity, strength and reliability that’s why these Murray lawn mowers are becoming popular day by day. Riding mowers and walk-behind Murray lawn mowers are sold, as well as chore tools like cultivators and trimmers. With their hardy engines and durability, Murray lawn mowers give you a lot of mower for your money.

Riding mowers are available with a variety of different options from Murray. Lawn mowers can be selected with different cutting decks, which cut different widths. The riding types of Murray lawn mowers can also be chosen with alternative transmissions, including an automatic drive, a hydro-automatic drive that is foot operated and a manual gear drive available with 5 or 6-speed versions.

These Murray lawn mowers offer options for the engine including an overhead valve, which improves power and fuel economy, a cast iron cylinder sleeve, which can prolong the engine's life and a V-twin cylinder, which gives Murray lawn mowers a nice, smooth ride.

In addition the riding Murray lawn mowers are designed so the operator can easily get on and off the mower. Murray lawn mowers have dual independent steering controls for added ease of steering around the yard. Murray lawn mowers are available as lawn tractors or garden tractors, which can be used with accessories like plows and rakes.

Walk-behind Murray lawn mowers are available as push mowers or self-propelled. Push mowers are the type that the operator pushes along the yard while mowing. The self-propelled Murray lawn mowers have added power to help them move, requiring less muscle from the operator.

Self-propelled Murray lawn mowers are available with front or rear wheel drive. Walk-behind Murray lawn mowers offer several options for taking care of grass clippings, including mulching, bagging and side discharging onto the lawn. Convertible Murray lawn mowers allow for switching between these three options.

Murray lawn mowers are sold under a number of brand names, including Murray, Murray Select, Murray Performance, TurfMaster, DynaMark and YardKing. Murray lawn mowers are not sold directly by the company but by dealers all over the country. Go to the Murray.com website to find a listing of dealers and service centers for Murray lawn mowers.

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