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Dennis WaldenFeb 12, 2018

Exmark Manufacturing Company creates incredibly durable, exceedingly innovative, professional lawn mowers. All of Exmark lawn mower, from walk-behinds to zero-turn riders and out-fronts, are designed to help you increase your productivity and profitability while delivering an unmatched cut that enhances your professional reputation. Exmark were the first highly maneuverable, extremely reliable zero-turn lawn mowers to hit the grass.

Exmark Manufacturing has been making commercial lawn mowers for professional landscapers since 1982, when it was operating with seven employees out of a garage in Nebraska. What started with mid-sized walk-behind mowers has evolved into a product line including the state-of-the-art zero-turn riding mower that has become the industry standard. Exmark continues to manufacture high-quality zero-turn riders and walk-behinds.

Exmark’s Lazer-Z collection of zero-turn ride-on mowers has saved landscapers across the country thousands of lawn cutting hours. The Lazar-Z CT is the latest generation of Lazer-Z technology packaged into an affordable mower capable of handling the toughest professional jobs. New 21- and 23-hp Vanguard engines offer higher horsepower options and a 60” cutting width covers more ground with each pass. The CT also features hydro-gear pumps and wheel motors and a full-floating, heavy-duty five-inch deep deck design with 4-point suspension. The CT’s compact design makes this the perfect choice for landscapers who spend their days mowing large residential properties.

Exmark is recalling the Lazer Z EFI zero turn radius riding lawn mowers. A hole can develop in the fuel line, resulting in a leak that could present a fire hazard. The 2004 Model Lazer Z zero-turn (ZRT) riding mowers with 60-inch and 72-inch decks are equipped with electric fuel injection engines as follows:

Serial Range
Suggested Retail Price
28HP ZRT w/60 deck
28HP ZRT w/72 deck


All products are equipped with a foldable roll-over protection bar. The model and serial number decal can be found on the frame below the seat.
Authorized Exmark dealers sold these riding lawn mowers nationwide from July 2003 to September 2004. Consumers should stop using these Exmark riding mowers and contact their local Authorized Exmark Service Dealer to schedule a time to install a free replacement fuel line.

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