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Honda Lawn Mowers

Dennis WaldenFeb 12, 2018

Honda offers a range of lawn mowers, in all 18 different types of lawn mowers falling into 5 different categories based on people’s needs. What more, Honda state that what sets them apart in their production of lawn mowers is the fact that they recognize that what makes an exceptional lawn mower is more than the engine, deck, or blades by themselves but rather the whole unit working together. Honda proudly claim that they do all of these things and without the overly inflated prices other brands ask.

Honda's world-renowned easy-starting lawn mower engines deliver smooth, quiet and reliable four-stroke power and ultra low emissions levels. The compact, light-weight OHC/OHV GCV Series of engines offer plenty of power for home use. And the legendary OHV GXV Series offers lawnmowers with rugged commercial grade performance that'll get you through anything in short order. Honda's technologically advanced engines provide quiet, smoke-free operation with no messy mixing of oil and gas. All Honda lawn mowers are EPA emissions compliant.

Twin blades with four cutting edges and a special deck design ensure ultra-fine grass particles for quick decomposition and a healthier lawn. Honda's line-up of lawn mowers covers every possible need, from small petrol models through to larger professional machines. Each range features many models so you can choose a mower that does exactly what you want it to do.

Common Features to Most Honda Lawnmowers :

1) Easy starting engines.

2) Two engine styles.

3) Environment-friendly operation.

4) Ergo Active control handle.

5) Blade-Brake-Clutch (BBC).

6) Quadra Cut mulching system.

7) Automotive-type quality construction.

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