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What spark plug does my weed eater take?

Dennis WaldenNov 20, 2021

Weed Eater Spark Plug Size

Weed eaters and other gas-powered gardening tools like edgers and trimmers use a 3/4- inch spark plug, which is the standard size.

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Also, what size spark plug does a Husqvarna weed eater use?

Husqvarna String Trimmer

Cylinder displacement27.5 cc
Idling speed2800 rpm
Spark plugNGK CMR6A
Electrode gap0.02 "
Clutch engagement speed4200 rpm (±120 rpm)
Moreover, do weed eaters have spark plugs? Your gas-powered weed wacker, also known as a string trimmer, relies on its spark plug for the heat to ignite fuel in the ignition chamber, just like any gas-powered tool.

Additionally, what does a champion rc12yc spark plug fit?

RC12YC Spark Plugs

Center ElectrodeCopper Core
Thread Size14mm
TipProjected Tip
FitsBRIGGS & STRATTON GAS ENGINES -- Intek, Vanguard single cylinder OHV KOHLER GAS ENGINES -- Command OHV, K series, 16.0/TH16, 18.0/TH18

What size spark plug does a hyper tough weed eater take?

The Hyper Tough UB80007A 3 piece spark plug socket set is ideal for all your engine repair needs. This set will handle 5/8inch, 3/4 inch or 13/16 inch spark plugs from small powered garden tools and lawn mowers, to vehicles such as 4 wheelers, motorcycles, cars and trucks.

How often should you change the spark plug in a weed eater?

approximately every 100 hours

What kind of spark plug does a Craftsman weed eater use?

Measuring Up. Craftsman recommends Champion brand small engine spark plugs. These plugs have a shorter reach, or thread length, than automotive plugs.

What is the spark plug gap on a Craftsman weed eater?

The correct gap is .025".

What spark plug do I need for a Husqvarna 128ld?

NGK (6703) BPMR7A SOLID Standard Spark Plug, Pack of 1.

What size socket do I need for a spark plug?

Most spark plugs require a 5/8" (16mm) size spark plug socket. This refers to the size of the flats on the spark plug that are in contact with the socket.

How can you tell when a spark plug is bad?

What signs are there that your spark plugs are failing?
  1. Your car is a rough starter. ...
  2. Your car is a rough idler. ...
  3. Your engine will sometimes misfire. ...
  4. Your engine surges. ...
  5. Your fuel consumption is higher than usual. ...
  6. Your car isn't accelerating as it should.

What is the proper spark plug gap?

For most racing applications, you usually want the plug gap to be between 0.020 and 0.040 of an inch. Most engine builders seem to settle around 0.035 of an inch. Factors such as the type of ignition you run, cylinder heads, fuel and even timing can affect how much gap will work best for you.
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