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How do you read Champion spark plug numbers?

Dennis WaldenSep 13, 2021


  1. [V] Shell Design - This refers to the thread size and reach of the spark plug.
  2. [15] Heat Range - The middle number indicates the heat range of the spark plug, the higher the number the hotter the heat range.

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Also to know is, what is the NGK equivalent to a champion RC12YC?

The NGK I stock as an equivalent to the RC12YC is the BCP(R)5ES (6130).

One may also ask, what is the champion equivalent to NGK BPR6ES? NGK BPR6ES Spark Plug - Equivalent to Champion RN9YC Bosch WR6D WR7D Denso W20EPR Oregon 77-312-1 Part.

Thereof, how do I know what spark plug I need for my lawn mower?

Spark plugs are typically located on the back or side of a lawn mower engine. Look for a short wire that's about 1/4-in. -thick leading to the top of a short, cylindrical protrusion from the engine. If you're not sure where the spark plug is, consult your owner's manual.

What is the difference between rc12yc and rc14yc spark plug?

What is the difference between rc12yc and rc14yc spark plug? The higher number is a slightly hotter spark type plug. The RC14YC4 is now the standard plug for the 990/992 Generac engines. The 999 in the new 16-22kW Evolution (7000 series) units and older 20kW units are still using the cooler RC12YC4 plugs.

What does the Y mean on a Champion spark plug?

The letter “Y” indicates a V-grooved center electrode. The number after the – indicates the recommended spark plug gap in tenths of a millimeter.

Does champion 71eco replace RC12YC?

Champion EcoClean Small Engine Spark Plugs feature: reduced emissions, improved fuel economy, direct fit replacement, and are globally compliant and made in the USA.

What does a champion RC12YC spark plug fit?

RC12YC Spark Plugs
Center ElectrodeCopper Core
Thread Size14mm
TipProjected Tip
FitsBRIGGS & STRATTON GAS ENGINES -- Intek, Vanguard single cylinder OHV KOHLER GAS ENGINES -- Command OHV, K series, 16.0/TH16, 18.0/TH18

Who makes Autolite?

Until 2011, the Autolite brand was a part of Honeywell's automotive Consumer Products Group, along with FRAM and Prestone. Since then, it has been manufactured and marketed by FRAM Group, which is a constituent company of the Auckland, New Zealand-based investment firm Rank Group.

What does NGK BPR6ES fit?

The NGK BPR6ES is the correct spark plug for most Honda and Honda clone lawn and garden engines. This includes the Honda GC160, GC190, GX270, GX390, some Briggs & Stratton engines, Harbor Freight Predator, and the R200, R301, and R420 Raven engines found on RuggedMade log splitters.

What spark plug does a Honda GX160 take?

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