Please Use Best Lawn Fertilizers

The foods that your lawns essentially grow on are the various lawn fertilizers. Without their use, you cannot even think of grass growing on your lawn.

It will be correct to say that, until and unless your house has a grand lawn to exhibit, it does not get the actual magnificence. It is for this reason most people spend a lot of time and effort for the maintenance of a splendid lawn. They want a charming lawn, but regrettably fail in growing the grass properly. Some people just manage to grow them sparsely, which definitely is not good enough to receive praise from others tools like John Deere lawn mower. This lapse on their part could well be due to lack of information about lawn fertilizers, their types and uses.

Most of the chemical elements that lawns depend upon - about sixteen in all - are present in the natural environment. However, there are many other elements that are not present in the environment, and have to be necessary additions. These are fertilizers that contain nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, commonly termed NPK. Many people who have heard of NPK ratio feel that it is all a beautiful lawn requires. They go ahead and buy a fertilizer that has at least one of these elements or preferably all three.

Each of the three mentioned elements helps the garden grass in specific ways. For the proper growth of grass, its beautiful green color, greater density, thick shoots and ability to fight off bugs and pests, Nitrogen is the most important element. To enhance the resistance capacity of the grass from disease, drought and weather, Potassium is required. For the root growth of the lawn grass to be proper, Phosphorus is used. Various available lawns fertilizers have different portions of these three elements, which enable you to have a great looking lawn.

Four main types of lawn fertilizers are commonly used, namely - Granular, Liquid, Synthetic, and Organic. The easiest of all to use, granular fertilizers are the extremely popular. They can be spread easily due to the fact that they are dry. They provide fertilization for a period up to six months. These fertilizers are fairly economical, but lack of proper watering may burn the grass burn. Liquid fertilizers are in liquid form, and can be used by mixing them with proper portions of water, in spray bottles with Murray lawn mower. Though liquid fertilizers can be called expensive, they normally give quick results.

Synthetic fertilizers are made from chemicals, and can release immediate nutrients into the soil. They need to be applied frequently to the soil. If not used properly, they can burn the grass. Organic or natural lawn fertilizers are made from living organisms and their byproducts, but they have a terrible smell.

Keep all these things in mind while choosing lawn fertilizers for your lawn. Analyze what your garden soil lacks, and go for the most suitable fertilizer to keep your garden grass looking green and healthy!

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