Insight Behind Community Garden

In ancient times man was in the practice of growing the food crops that are needed for his group, which now we call as community garden and this still holds true to the life style in villages. It’s a type of farming where people of a neighborhood enjoy growing flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs needed by them. This concept is uncommon to the urban population, but has drawn attention in the recent decades because of its plus points.

The ownership of the land on which community gardens are established can be of different kind. Some of them are taken on rent or sponsored by agencies or self owned by the community. In some cases the land might be divided into plots which will be maintained by families. In recent times these gardens have taken importance and government reserves some land for this while planning a city.

The benefits of community garden are many. It successfully brings together people of a neighborhood for a common purpose of welfare. It invites both trained and untrained gardeners to join hands together to grow healthy crops. These products will be more nutritious and fresh as chemicals are rarely used.

Fruits and vegetables grown this way are not only healthy but inexpensive compared to the market price as they are home grown. The involvement of a person in gardening would work as a therapy or mode of rehabilitation for the mentally challenged or drug edicts or alcoholics. It’s also a great way to refresh and rejuvenate for often stressed city dwellers.
These types of gardens will serve as recreation center for people of all ages, background and life style. Everyone gets to try his gardening skills to uplift the community, along with enjoying a friendly atmosphere.

To see the bigger picture, community gardening gives you a chance to do your bit in protecting nature and in turn develop a healthy lifestyle. To start with you might consider being part of such a community garden and later might even sponsor or build one of your own.

If you are really fascinated by this concept and want to start your own then you require good land, a bunch of enthusiastic participants, an organization to lend financial aid and good amount of hard work and dedication. You would cherish the benefits community gardening no matter how you become a part of it. So get started and enjoy.

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