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The lawn mower is a necessity to most homeowners. Cutting your lawn correctly can make a huge difference to how healthy it looks and how envious your neighbours are. To do this you need to choose the correct type, size and shape garden. It does not matter whether you are taking care of a huge lawn or a small one you need the right tools to get the job done. Without the right lawn tools you are spinning your wheels so to speak and a small simple job can turn into a major ordeal. There are many new styles of push mowers available in the market. These are perfect for smaller lawns, excellent for the environment, easy to clean and inexpensive to operate.

If you have a very large lawn, this style of walk-behind mower might not be the best for you, but if your lawn is of average size, electric mowers are a popular and smart choice. An electric lawnmower’s most significant selling point for most people is its benefit to the environment. According to experts, mowing your lawn for just one hour with a regular gas walk-behind mower causes more air pollution than driving a new car 150 miles. By using an electric mower, you simply plug and go. The only drain on resources is the energy it takes to power the mower, and that’s not a lot.

Kinds of Lawn Mowers

Most riding lawnmowers engine are fun ride and extremely cool to look at. However, they are just a dream for many gardeners who can not afford one of this powerful gardening equipment. A riding automatic lawn machine can be a practical time saving machine for professionals as well as for beginner or amateur landscapers. If you are on of those homeowners, lucky to maintain a large yard, it can be a good idea to invest in a riding mower.

Nowadays there are four types available in the market all tailored specifically for different types of lawn and garden use. They are following types::

1) Electric Lawn Mowers :
Electric powered is one of popular lawn mowing machine. Most people who try an electric lawn mower find they prefer it over a gas powered model because it is so easy to use and take care of. It also cuts the grace very well. They are less expensive to purchase and cost less to maintain as you don’t need to pay for oil, grease, or gas to operate it. Electric lawn tools are quieter than gasoline engines powered, that do not directly pollute the air, but then again, many types of electrical power lawn tractors are produced in environmentally harmful ways.

Also, no better than manual mowers at cutting tall grass. With an electric machine you’re limited to the range that the cord length allows. The key advantage of most people will be the price. A basic lawn aerator will cost you about half the price of a rotary petrol lawn mower, so say about£40-50. They are generally quieter and lighter to use and need less maintenance than a petrol powered moving machine.

2) The Cylinder Lawn Mower :

The cylinder lawnmower can produce a very fine lawn by being able to cut to a low height. These mowers consist of a spiral blade wrapping around a cylinder. This cut against a fixed blade in a scissor action. The result is a very clean cut. Lawn mowers are very suitable for even lawns where the ground is level, and there is no danger of debris damaging the blades. They are used for putting greens and ornamental lawns. Atco's Balmoral is a range of high quality cylinder lawn machine.

3) Gas-Powered Push Lawn Mowers :

Recommended for flat lawns up to about one-third of an acre, push mowers take more muscle to operate, so they provide better exercise. They tend to need fewer repairs than self-propelled mowers, yet they don't last quite as many years. Although push mowers can bag clippings, experts suggest using them in mulching or side-discharging mode so you're not to push 30 or 40 pounds of bagged grass along with the mower.

4) Cordless Lawn Mowers :

A cordless lawn mower gives you more flexibility and range, since you aren't tethered to an electrical cord. Coverage area on one battery charge varies among models, along with whether or not the mower allows the user to insert a freshly charged battery while a tired battery gets recharged. Most use lead-based batteries that require careful disposal and replacement every couple of years. Cordless electric mowers are also the easiest type to convert to solar power, which gives them a huge environmental advantage. As with corded, some owners do say it's harder to find replacement parts and get repairs than with a more common gas mower.

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