How Would You Handle With Home Building

If you do not nag a new house before shifting into it, you are definitely in for substantial troubles that can easily raise their heads, even years after the builder has gone.
Publicly owned companies have increased in number over the years, which are accountable to the share holders who want the profits to be kept up. Hence, the builders give two hoots to quality, in their best possible efforts to keep the costs as low as they can. The obvious outcome is poor quality work, which necessitates corrective maintenance or, in the worst of cases, a rebuild of the nagging problem area.

In their endeavor to keep the construction cost down, the builders act merely as project managers, delegating almost all the components of the building process.
What actually happens then is that the subcontractors, with little or no actual project management, often resort to their own procedures during the course of construction. Such a scenario has, over a period of time, resulted in a common ‘work to the lowest’ level tolerable, rather than to the utmost standards. Obviously, the buyers who complain have the remedial works executed, and those who don’t, just bear with the problems.

The low standards of work results from the fact that subcontractors employ inexperienced workers, camouflaged as competent builders. The mere thought – of great rates, no experience required – is quite frightening and speaks volumes of the low quality work. In fact, a house buyer should, without fail, carry out a complete and exhaustive Snagging meeting with the site manager, before the completion of the project.

Do not take this meeting to be the same as the one with the property handover, in which the workings of the house – like boiler, heating etc. – are explained. The Snagging meeting is specifically for examining the property and identifying those parts of the property that need corrective work before the owner moves in.

Site managers are more than proficient in passing on such a meeting to the site offices. An alert buyer should be adamant that the site manager is in attendance, competent enough to take notes and has specified the time for properly carrying out the Snagging meeting.

During the course of the meeting, the builder will not offer you any help in finding faults; he will merely follow along, typically looking dejected and taking notes.

To compile a Snagging report that the builder needs to give to the tradesmen after the meeting, it is essential that the buyer takes comprehensive notes on all items that are offensive. Make use of a digital camera to record items of particular attention, so that the final record is extremely precise and unquestionable.

Such a meeting can be awfully taxing, so you make certain that good groundwork has been carried out. For best outcome and future reference, include things like - a Snagging list of items to scrutinize, the proper tools for the meeting and an adequate means of recording.

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