How The Battery Operated Lawnmower Works

Among the wide range of lawnmowers available in the market a majority of them are gasoline powered. The ease with which they can be started messily by pulling the starter cord a couple if times or by using the electric starter these mowers have been a convenient option for mowing the lawn.

However of late, they are being considered noisy and their emissions lead to air pollution.

Another choice is the electric powered John deere lawn mower, which is very cumbersome to use. A long power cord is required to plug in the mower, and it is can be quite frustrating to keep the cord our of the way while mowing.

The third choice comes in the form of a battery operated lawnmower. Unless your lawn happens to be extraordinarily large, a battery operated can be a good option, as one charge of battery can be adequate for the front as well as the back yard. In fact, most batteries last from thirty minutes to almost an hour. Moreover, they can easily be recharged. Even though the life of a battery is nearly five year, they do not go to the garbage dump afterwards too, as they are recycled.

There is a wide range available in the battery market. Earlier alkaline or lead acid batteries were used which were expensive as well as low slowly yet surely giving place to nickel cadmium and lithium batteries.

Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cad) batteries:

Of late, a nickel, cadmium battery appears to be the ideal choice when it comes to buying a battery operated lawnmower. The fact that a Ni-cad battery can be recycled and is environment friendly makes it score high above the lead acid battery.

Improving Battery Life:

Care needs to be taken while using the lawnmower which is battery operated, especially if you intend to keep your battery in good shape. Any kind of excessive strain on either the battery or the engine can spell trouble for both, and can harm the grass too. To improve the life of the battery and to maintain the beauty of your lawn, keep two things in mind namely:

- Never try to mow wet grass.
- Don’t let the grass grow more than three inches at a time.

Recharging Ni-cad batteries
Practically speaking, Ni-cad batteries are quite ‘fuss free’, and require very less care in terms of maintenance. In fact .the only maintenance the require is a recharge, which needs to be undertaken only when they discharge completely.

You would be surprised to know that Ni-cad batteries have some sort of a ‘memory’ with regard to their own energy state. Hence you need to exercise caution regarding ‘when to recharge ‘. Your attempt to recharge the battery before time would mean that ‘remember ‘its energy state at that particular time. So the next time round, it would consider it self to be run down at that energy level , even though it would actually have a lot of power still left. Sound strange about Toro lawn mower, but is a fact nonetheless. For those who consider safeguard of the environment their duty, the lawnmower that they use should either be electric – powered, or else battery –operated.

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